Cyber Insurance Application

Responses to the questions below are necessary to obtain a quotation for Cyber insurance from InterWeb. After a quotation for insurance is bound, the Named Insured will be asked to electronically sign an application populated with the responses from the questions below.

General Information



expected over next 12 months

expected over next 12 months


1. Within the last 3 years, has the Named Insured suffered any cyber incidents resulting in a claim in excess of $25,000?
2. Is the Named Insured aware of any circumstances that could give rise to a claim under this insurance policy?
3. Does the Named Insured enable disk encryption on laptops, desktops, and other portable media devices?
4. Does the Named Insured accept credit cards or collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI) from its customers? (This does not include employees of the Named Insured.)
4a How many payment card numbers (credit cards, debit cards, etc.) does the Named Insured store, process, transmit, or have access to?
4b How many customer PII or PHI records does the Named Insured have?
5. Does the Named Insured have procedures to back up, archive, and restore sensitive data and critical business systems?
6. Does the Named Insured require dual control when transferring funds in excess of $25,000? *
7. Within the last 3 years, has the Named Insured been subject to any complaints concerning the content of its website, advertising materials, social media, or other publications?
8. Does the Named Insured have procedures to remove content (including third-party content) that is libelous, infringing, or otherwise controversial?
* Dual control for transferring funds refers to a process by which a transfer must be approved or confirmed by someone other than the initiator of the transfer.